The following is a transcript for episode Windy Washi

Windy Washi


  • Fuujin: (laughing)
  • Ah heh heh heh! Woo!
  • Fabuloso: Very strange wind we are having today.
  • (crunch)
  • (gasps)
  • Pffff!
  • Hockbar: Right away! what!? Senor Fabuloso?
  • Fabuloso: Have you seen today's newspaper, Hockbar?
  • Hockbar: Its no news they there sir, nothing in it, Senor..
  • Fabuloso: Exactly! Nothing!
  • Including no advertisement for Circo Fabuloso.
  • Hockbar: Oh... An... An advertisement, sir?
  • Fabuloso: Yes! You know,
  • something that tells the city that we are in
  • that the Circo Fabuloso is putting on the greatest show
  • in the whole world tonight!
  • Hockbar: I see, I see where you are going with that.
  • But uh slight...
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