The following is a transcript for the episode "When The Bowl Breaks"

When The Bowl Breaks


  • Leo: When The Bowl Breaks.
  • Carmen: Hey batter, batter, batter, batter...
  • hey batter, batter, batter, hey batt-
  • Andy: Just Throw the ball, Carmen!
  • Carmen: Okay, you asked for it!
  • Andy: it's a high fly ball!
  • Carmen: I've got it
  • Leo: Ah, what a beautiful day for tea.
  • Wolfgang: You said, it Leo.
  • It's simply TEA-lightful.
  • Leo/Wolfgang: (laughs) Hahahaha!
  • (think)
  • Carmen: You're out!
  • Andy: Hey, no fair!
  • Wolfgang: (gasps) Careful, kiddos!
  • This Japanese set is fragile.
  • Carmen: (gasps) Are you guys having a tea party?
  • Leo: It's not a tea party.
  • My dad is showing me how to perform
  • a traditional tea ceremony,
  • like they do here...
  • umm, where are we?
  • Andy: Yeah, where are we today?
  • Carmen: Let's ask the Magic Globe!
  • Where are we, Magic Globe?
  • Magic Globe: You are in the city of Tokyo,
  • in the country of Japan.
  • In Tokyo, the language most people speak is Japanese.
  • People here see beauty in things
  • that you and I may not notice...
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