The following is a transcript for the episode The Story of Smoothie.

The Story of Smoothie

  • Leo: The Story of Smoothie
  • (festive music)
  • Wrinkles: (munch)
  • Leo: Oh, no!
  • Leo: (grunts rips the paper) Hey Carmen!
  • Carmen: What's Up Leo!
  • Leo: I Just to get for kids!
  • Carmen: Fine!
  • Leo: Oh, This Goes Here, Look at that, This is Just Right!
  • Leo: What's the fascination with tulips anyway?
  • Wrinkles: (munch)
  • Andy: Yeah! What's up with these tulips?
  • Wrinkles (munch)
  • Carmen: Maybe we should ask the Magic Globe?
  • Magic Globe: Hi, everyone!
  • Carmen: Hey, Magic Globe, why are there so many
  • tulips around here?
  • Andy: Yeah, where are we?
  • Magic Globe: (giggles) It's springtime in Istanbul, Turkey!
  • Magic Globe: In Istanbul, most people speak Turkish
  • and say "merhaba" for "hello"!
  • Andy/Carmen/Leo: Merhabja, Magic Globe!
  • Magic Globe: Hundreds of years ago, Sultans ruled Turkey
  • and lived in beautiful palaces like Topkapi Palace!
  • Andy: Wow! I love the designs!
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