Shayle Simons is a Canadian actor.

He provides the voice of Leo Chockers as of the episode Speaking Wigglewalker, right here on Let's Go Luna! after Aidan Wojtak-Hissong stopped voicing Leo Chockers after the episode A Chopsticky Situation.

Other Roles

  • Abby Hatcher - Elvin
  • Corn & Peg - Ferris
  • Esme & Roy - Hugo
  • PAW Patrol - Zuma (Season 6-onwards)
  • Lazoo - Lion
  • Llama Llama - Llama Llama
  • Miracle Star - KoKo the Fish
  • Pat the Toast - Slater

Upcoming Roles

  • Untitled Bob the Builder revival (TBA) - Roley (US dub)
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