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Season 2 is the second and final season of the PBS series, Let's Go Luna!. It premiered on May 10, 2021.

Joe Murray revealed that this is the final season on Facebook in October 2021.


Luna the moon and the Circo Fabuloso continue to travel the world and meet new places, do new things, and try new foods. According to Joe Murray, some locations will be recycled from Season 1.


Returning Characters

New Characters


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No. Title Location Original Airdate (on PBS Kids)
1 Leo the Viking/Big Little Trouble Reykjavik, Iceland 5/10/21
2 Volcano Boy/A Sea Monster Tale Reykjavik, Iceland 5/11/21
3 Old School/Yankee Doodle Andy Boston, Massachusetts 7/2/21
4 Blanket Decision/Yo, Yo, Heave.... Whoa! Boston, Massachusetts 7/1/21
5 Gaja's Birthday/Kabbadi Delhi, India 5/12/21
6 Give Me a Sign/Hip Life Kumasi, Ghana 5/13/21
7 Mud Miracle/Fabuloso's New Clothes Kumasi, Ghana 5/14/21
8 Beetlemania/Robo Kid Tokyo, Japan 11/15/21
9 It Takes Leo To Tango/Siesta is Besta Buenos Aires, Argentina 1/24/22
10 What A T-Wreck!/Way Of The Gaucho Buenos Aires, Argentina 11/16/21
11 The Amazing Aito/The Haka Polynesia 1/25/22
12 A Tough Nut To Crack/It's A Beautiful Wonderful Life Polynesia 11/17/21
13 Forever Folklorico/Save That Piñata Mexico City, Mexico 1/26/22
14 The Ghost Piper of Edinburgh Castle/Make 'Em Laugh Edinburgh, Scotland 1/27/22
15 Andy, King of Scots/Leo the Nessie Hunter Edinburgh, Scotland 11/18/21
16 Dragon Dance/Son of the Dragon King Beijing, China 2/01/22
17 Totally Yodelly/Barry and the Lost Smell Geneva, Switzerland 11/19/21
18 Mr. Precise/The Case of the Missing Cheese Geneva, Switzerland 2022
19 A Moon's Trip to Paris/If a Hamster Could Fly Paris, France 2022
20 Cave Dad/Grumpa Comes to Call Dubrovnik, Croatia 2022
21 Lights Out!/The Wrong Clothes Dubrovnik, Croatia 2022
22 Elementary My Dear Watsons/Way Down in London Town London, England 2022


  1. [1], a PBS station in Arizona, confirms that Season 2 has 26 episodes.