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Señor Moncarlo Fabuloso is the Spanish Flamingo ringleader of Circo Fabuloso.

He is of mixed Spanish-Catalan heritage.

He is voiced by Paul Braunstein.

Physical Appearance

Señor Fabuloso is a pink flamingo. He has a red top hat with a yellow ribbon on it. He has a handlebar mustache and wears a red tuxedo with a yellow bowtie.


Due to his job as a ringmaster, Fabuloso is very hammy and overdramatic. He also displays several campy mannerisms. He can also be a bit of a perfectionist. He strives on making sure that the Circo is in top-form and always puts on a great show.

He seems to be a bit self-centered, plastering pictures of himself all over his house and taking great pride in his looks and skills. He is very close with his assistant Mr. Hockbar, who he always gets to do menial tasks for him.

Fabuloso is quite moody and prone to emotional outbursts, and this has a basis in his consistent unhappy childhood trauma. He has suffered misfortunes such as losing a friend (Don Magnifico) and ruining his own 10th birthday party. Despite all his faults, he truly cares for each and every member of the Circo Fabuloso and especially the children.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2


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