The following is a transcript for the episode " Queen for a Day

Queen for a Day


  • Carmen: Queen for a Day .
  • Who goes there?
  • Andy: We wish to see Queen Carmen!
  • Honey: Go away! Queen is busy!
  • Leo: Come on Honey, let us in!
  • Andy Yeah, we wanna see the Queen!
  • Honey: Hmm...
  • Honey: Okay.
  • Honey: Welcome to Queen Carmen's castle!
  • Leo: So that's where my Tortoise, Wrinkles, has been!
  • Carmen: I now pronounce you...
  • Sir Shrew the Brave!
  • Shrew: Oh! We are so brave!
  • Shrew: Hooray!
  • Andy: hello, your Majesty!
  • Leo: Hi, Queen Carmen!
  • Carmen: Oh! Sir Leo!
  • And Andy the uh...
  • Andy: Silly Frog Guy!
  • Carmen: Ah yes!
  • The Queen is happy to see you.
  • Carmen: (Sigh)
  • Honey: What's wrong Queen Carmen?
  • Carmen: I'm not really a queen, Honey, we're just pretending.
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