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Mon Amour is a song sung by Honey in Honey In Paris.


Who knows, what's in this hamster's heart?
Who knows, what's in my furry little head?
Gee, what's come over me?
(2x)Mon amour!
Who knows, why you don't understand?
That mystery's all around us and in every grain of sand
You think, that you could know
But you'll never know
Mon amour
I try, and try to make you see
That me, myself and I is just the way I gotta be
I cry, to tell you that it's true
There's simply nothing else that I can do!
Who knows, what's in this hamster's heart?
Who knows, what's in my kooky little head?
You'll find, I think you know
But you'll never know
Mon amour
You'll never know
(2x)Mon amour


  • This is the only song sung by Honey.
  • 7 months before the episode aired in the USA, the writer for the song (Peter Hannan) played the song to the public for the first time during his presentation on https://vimeo.com/318530221
  • "Mon amour" is how you say "My love" in French.
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