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Magic Globe is a Globe.

She has appeared in every episode, but not Luna's Christmas Around the World.

She is carried around in Carmen’s pocket.

She describes the country that the kids are currently in at the start of the episode.

Other than that, she has had no major roles.

She is voiced by Miku Graham.


Magic Globe is a happy looking, Globe with green land, blue sea, and a white snow. A white glow appears around her when she speaks.


  • Although she can speak, she doesn't appear to have a mouth.
  • She is also the only character who does not have eyebrows, eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a body with hands and feet (at all).
  • She is not alive, but is a non living thing instead of a animal.
  • She can also see and hear, as shown in Boomin’ Boomerang, when she avoided the flying boomerangs even with a lack of visible eyes and can hear sounds around her like the kids speaking even without visible ears.
  • In Luna’s Christmas Around the World, she could somehow feel the chilling air of Antarctica. But even though, she was mentioned only in this episode due to it's special premiere that occurs during the Holiday season.
  • In The Charango Kid, the kids play a trick on Magic Globe in a funny way when Magic Globe teaches the kids where the Circo is in.

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