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Luna's World Packages is a game on the PBS Kids website. The game has references to locations from both the first and second seasons.

In this game, the user can recieve many different kinds of packages, and upon recieving one, they will either get a puzzle, recipe, instrument, or a kit, and after that, the user plays a short minigame. After completing the minigame, they will be redirected to a room where they can peruse their collection of acquired items, play minigames that were already played, or obtain new packages.


Package Types

  • Puzzles: In the puzzle minigames, the user completes a puzzle inspired by the episodes from both the first and second season, and after that, a colored frame can be chosen, based on the user's preference.
  • Recipes: In the recipe minigames, the user is given a series of directions to prepare the item that they are cooking. After that, the user eats what they made.
  • Instruments: When a user recieves an instrument, they can play with the instrument by clicking or holding down.
  • Kits: When a user recieves a kit, they can choose from a variety of arms, legs, or other appendages to put together a customizable character.


  1. Bangkok, Thailand - Recipe: Durian Fruit Ice Cream - reference to "Stinky Fruit"
  2. Tokyo, Japan - Kit: Robot Building Kit - reference to "Robo Kid"
  3. Kumasi, Ghana - Puzzle - reference to "Fabuloso's New Clothes"
  4. Munich, Germany - Instrument: Glockenspiel - reference to "Glocken Around The Clock"
  5. Rome, Italy - Recipe: Pasta - reference to "Viva La Pasta"
  6. Buenos Aires, Argentina - Puzzle - reference to "What A T-Wreck!"
  7. Paris, France - Kit: Movie Making Kit - reference to "A Moon's Trip to Paris"
  8. Beijing, China - Puzzle - reference to "Dragon Dance"
  9. Reykjavik, Iceland - Kit: Sea Monster Kit - reference to "A Sea Monster Tale"
  10. Sydney, Australia - Instrument: Didgeridoo - reference to "Didgeridoo and Carmen Too"
  11. Geneva, Switzerland - Puzzle - reference to "The Case of the Missing Cheese"
  12. Polynesia - Recipe: Coconut - reference to "A Tough Nut To Crack"
  13. Mexico City, Mexico - Puzzle - reference to "The Day of The Dead"
  14. Edinburgh, Scotland - Instrument: Bagpipe - reference to "The Ghost Piper of Edinburgh Castle"
  15. Moscow, Russia - Puzzle - reference to "You Froze My Shorts"
  16. Istanbul, Turkey - Recipe: Turkish Delight - reference to "Turkish Delight"
  17. Cairo, Egypt - Puzzle - reference to "Bob the Plant"
  18. Nairobi, Kenya - Instrument: Nyatiti - reference to "Beat the Beat"
  19. Juneau, Alaska - Puzzle - reference to "Glacier or Bust"


  • The typeface used for “Luna’s” is German Beauty[1], while the typeface for “World Packages” is Luna[2].
  • In the Sea Monster Kit minigame, there is a reference to Faxi from "A Sea Monster Tale".