The following is a transcript for the episode " London Frog

London Frog


  • Andy: "London Frog"
  • Lucie: Aaaand...perfect.
  • Thank you so much
  • for helping me with the costumes, kids!
  • Andy: No problem, mom!
  • Leo: These costumes are really neat!
  • Is it because we are in...
  • wait--Where is the Circo today?
  • Carmen: Let's ask the Magic Globe!
  • Magic Globe: We're in the city of London,
  • located in the United Kingdom.
  • The whole country has a rich history filled
  • with castles, kings and knights!
  • Magic Globe: Have fun in London, kids!
  • Carmen: Thanks, Magic Globe!
  • Leo: Castles and knights?
  • Doesn't that mean we'll run into things like...
  • dragons and monsters?
  • Carmen: I... don't know.
  • Dragons and monsters? Aren't they just myths?
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