The following is a transcript for the episode " Loco for Cocoa!

Loco for Cocoa!


  • Carmen: Loco for Cocoa!
  • (hupping noises)
  • Leo and Andy: Keep doing that! That's Amazing!
  • Andy: That's was great, Leo
  • But all this cheering is making my belly burble.
  • Leo: Me too, Andy, I could go for something yummy.
  • Carmen: Hi Leo! Hi Andy!
  • Both: Hi Carmen
  • Want sometida Mexican hot chocolate I made?
  • Sure, I Love chocolate.
  • Mmmm, cinnamon-y
  • That's the way we make hot chocolate here
  • where I grew up, my home town of Mexico City!
  • Which happens to be where we are today!
  • Right Magic Globe?
  • Globe: That's right Carmen we are in Mexico City,
  • the capital of the country of Mexico.
  • And I see you are enjoying hot chocolate.
  • Did you know chocolate came from Mexico?
  • Wow Really?
  • Globe: Mexico City is a very old city
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