The following is a transcript for the episode " Honey In Paris"

Honey In Paris


  • Honey: Honey in Paris,
  • Carmen: Honey is missing again!
  • Andy: Honey?!
  • Leo: Hooneey?!
  • Carmen: She's not in her hamster ball!
  • Andy: She's not under the rug
  • Leo: She's not anywhere!
  • Andy: (screams)
  • Leo: Carmen,
  • I'm starting to paaaanic about Honey!
  • Carmen: Snap out of it, Leo!
  • She's gotta be around here somewhere!
  • Carmen Oh, There she is! Honey, where have you been?
  • Honey: Mon amour! Mom amour! I went to see Money amooouur...
  • Leo: Mon amour? Who's that?
  • Carmen: And where did she get that hat?
  • Andy: I think it's cool!
  • But Honey is acting a little...kooky.
  • Honey: Mon amoourr...
  • Carmen: Honey, who is this mysterious "Mon Amour"
  • you went to see?
  • I'll never tell!
  • Carmen: What! Why?
  • Honey: You wouldn't understand!
  • Andy: Maybe we can figure out who "Mon Amour" is if we ask
  • Magic Globe where we are.
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