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The Following is a transcript for the episode " D'Orsay Day."


  • Andy:D'Orsay Day.
  • Hockbar:(gasps)
  • Andy:(aggressive panting)
  • Hockbar:(gasp)
  • Au Revoir: I love watching
  • Andy Hopper paint!
  • It is very exciting.
  • Bonjour:Yes I am very glad we have these raincoats!
  • Andy:(grumbles)
  • (splat!)
  • Andy:(grumbles)
  • (grumbles)
  • It's just not right
  • Leo:OW!
  • Leo:How's it goin', Andy!
  • Andy:Not good, guys.
  • I've been trying all morning to paint my new favorite thing...
  • Trains!
  • But my painting's just not good enough!
  • Leo:Hm?
  • Yeah, what's wrong with it?
  • Andy: It's too stiff!
  • Where's the energy?
  • Leo:I still think it's pretty good...
  • Magic Globe:(gasps) I wanna see!
  • Oooh! It's beautiful!
  • Andy: Thanks, Magic Globe. Say, where are we today?