Circo Fabuloso in Japan

The Circo tent in Tokyo, Japan.

The Circo Fabuloso (Spanish for Fabulous Circus) is a circus that travels all around the world, and is the main setting of the show.

Leo, Carmen, and Andy's parents all work in the Circo. The Hoppers, the Mariposas, the Chockers, and Senor Fabuloso all live in trailers outside the circus tent.

Senor Moncarlo Fabuloso is the ringmaster.

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The members of the Circo


  • Luna the Moon, a moon who guides Leo, Andy and Carmen on their trips during the daytime. Luna knows every person in the world and spends every night in the sky. She is capable of using magic, but prefers to keep it secret when in public. She suffers an unusual weakness: happy music makes her dance uncontrollably, which can often devolve into chaos for those around her. Her catchphrase is, "...but remember, there's always tomorrow."
  • Andy Hopper, a frog from the United States who loves art. He is very enthusiastic about everything he hears.
  • Leo Chockers, a wombat from Sydney, Australia who loves food and is learning to become a cook like his father. He is shown to be very fearful of new things and sometimes panics when worried.
  • Carmen Mariposa, a butterfly from Mexico City, Mexico who loves music. She plays a Spanish guitar handed down from her deceased grandmother.
  • Magic Globe, a miniature globe of the world that lives in Carmen's pocket. Whenever the Circo goes somewhere new, she emerges from Carmen's pocket, grows to full size and tells the kids where they are as well as sharing a fact about the place they are, such as a greeting or other useful trivia.
  • Honey, Carmen's mischievous yellow pet hamster. She often escapes from her cage but it is only because she is curious and wishes to be included.
  • Señor Moncarlo Fabuloso, a flamingo from Barcelona, Spain and the ringmaster of Circo Fabuloso.
  • Mr. Hockbar, a lizard from Tehran, Iran who does all the odd jobs, such as making deliveries and doing the laundry, as well as handling the scheduling for the Circo. He has a tendency to go into overdrive when a lot of things need doing, which can create stress for others around him.
  • Maria Mariposa, Carmen's single mother and conductor of the Circo Fabuloso Band.
  • Wolfgang Chockers, Leo’s father and the Circo's resident chef who also enjoys telling jokes.
  • Pippa Chockers, Leo’s mother and the Circo's carpenter.
  • Mathilda Chockers, Leo's baby sister.
  • Lucie Hopper, Andy’s mother and the Circo's costume designer.
  • Sam Hopper, Andy’s father and the Circo's prop-maker.
  • Bon Jour and Au Revoir, twin brothers from Nice, France who work as clowns. Bon Jour's mask is purple and Au Revoir's mask is green.
  • Ingrid Svenson-Benson, a centipede from Sweden who serves as the Circo’s contortionist.
  • Salami Strong, a hippopotamus from Italy who serves as the Circo’s strongman.
  • Pablo, an armadillo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who performs as the Circo's daredevil with the Melvinis, a group of six living bowling pins.
  • Acronauts, a trio of Greek skeptical bears who serve as acrobats.
  • The Fearless Shrews, a trio of Peruvian arctic shrews who perform as trapeze artists.
  • Chindra, a Thai sparrow who is famous for rolling on a pelican.
  • Mr. Wrinkles, Leo's pet tortoise and he seems old and has an odd habit of eating flowers.
  • Santi Salamander, a Spanish salamander who is famous for his balancing acts.
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