5 Silly Travelers is a short interstitial narrated by Carmen Mariposa. It's seen in between Hola Mariachi and Loco for Cocoa!.


The story starts off with 5 animals, an orange fox, a red rabbit, a green toucan, a blue armadillo, and a purple creature traveling. Then, they get tired and sit near a tree. Their feet become tangled, which causes a problem. The armadillo suggests that if everyone wiggles their toes, they will know who's feet are who's and get unstuck, so everyone starts wiggling their toes. But that doesn't work, so the rabbit finds a stick with a leaf on it and tickles feet. He thinks that the person who's toes start to tickle will pull their feet back. Once all 10 feet (and 40 toes) are untangled and all 40 toes are finished wriggling, they continue their journey. The fox stubs his toe! But the toucan reacts!


  • The armadillo was the only traveler not to have the proper number of toes as its real life counterpart.
    • Armadillos have five toes, but the blue armadillo only had four. 
  • A similar video about a bird, a dog, a cat, a rabbit, and a pig was made.
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